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Outside Konoha, en route to the extraction chamber.

"You know...I really don't like the fact that they only gave us four ANBU to get this extraction done. If she wakes up in the middle of the process, she could kill us all easily enough."

"I agree. We should have gotten more men for this, And I still don't like the route the commander ordered us to take. This route would be perfect for an ambush."

The first ANBU member glanced at Karela who was restrained to a stretcher by steel bonds.

"Be on the lookout, I really don't like this."

The second ANBU member didn't get a chance to respond as a barrage of Kunai knives cut through the trees where two of the ANBU members were standing. The leader of the squad watched as they were cut down.

"Ambush! Put the girl down and get ready!"

The second ANBU member didn't get a chance to respons as a chunk of earth shot up and caught him in the arm, while a fireball took the leader in the face.

Three figures in Arashi robes jumped down and took a look at their work.

"Excellent work. Get the girl and bring her back to the hideout, after a few weeks with the "doctor" she should be willing to see things from our perspective." The leader of the Arashi squad pointed at the bodies of the ANBU members. "And properly dispose of those, the last thing we need is the leaf village learning that they are missing."

((And that is the last we'll be seeing of Karela until the end of the arc.))

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