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Sorry for the late reply

Originally Posted by darth reven jr View Post
i am currently working on installing your mod i think it looks great but could you tell me where to install the files
The defaults in the installer should be where where your kotor2 is.
i.e. c:\Programfiles\Lucasarts\Kotor2

Glad to see people liked the baddies. There haven't been too many comments on them. I think Kannos in general is my favourite part of the finished product.

Rimi is the main female syyth. After the part where you meet Revan, you will find her a prisoner on the Eagle, in the cage where Kannos was earlier.

To be honest, with the Rakghouls, I think I just liked the reskin and needed a grunt for the enemy army. I seem to remember making notes about how some were captured from Taris and bred on 'planet x' (hence there were a few on the surface. I think it was going to be a breeding ground at one point), but the idea was never implemented.

The banshees were added later on, and were purely for the sake of variety. I felt there were only so many Rakghouls and screamers you could plow through before you started to get a little bored.

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