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Originally Posted by The Tingler View Post
Sorry for taking so long with the review guys, I've got the PSP version and it's pretty good. The levels are a bit odd, as they're just "sections" of levels rather than an ongoing thing, so sometimes you're just in one room for a whole stage. Also, there's no Sudan and the opening exclusive stage is just a cut-down copy of a later stage. This makes the game pretty short.

However, it does have several advantages over the main Wii version.

1. Indy and Maggie O'Malley's relationship is much better explored, with their humorous arguing the highlight of the game - something distinctly missing from A2M's version.
2. Indy has his satchel, and called the bad guys "Nazis". It can't be over-stressed how much more Indy-feeling this version is than the Wii version.
3. While there's still a lack of connecting cutscenes, Indy links the levels with narration. This is far better than the Wii version, where no explanation is given apart from some written notes on the menu screen.
4. There's no frustrating moments like the now-infamous piano level in the Wii version.
Don't worry about it, my friend. The point is you make a GOOD review, adn not a rushed one.

Oh, and thank you very much! You're the only one I've seen that has given an opinion about the PSP version! I think I'll buy this game.
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