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Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
Lord of Hunger made some excellent points on that one. Especially on how Palps was able to defeat the Jedi so easily. The old Jedi Order stayed pretty much the same throughout its lifetime. The Sith order changed many times in order to adapt. The Jedi refused to open themselves up to new philosophy and points of view.
So this is one thing that I would say leans more in Kreia's favor. She was the first one to use the Potentium theory of the Force and she was a Gray Jedi. Palps was but a dedicated darksider who really cheated his way to beat out Plageous, but never truly became that much greater.

Don't forget as well that Kreia beat three masters outside the Trayus core, so with that power, she'd be so much greater than she was on Dantooine. And I really don't believe that Palpatine allowed himself to be beaten by Windu for Anakin to act. Once you have characters getting excuses, that disrupts everything.

Otherwise, it would be that Star Trek ships are more powerful than SW because a ship the size of a star destroyer can destroy an entire planet. Just go on direct observations and don't presume one didn't do something or COULD have been able to do something... just say what they've actually done.
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