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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
....includes a bunch of stuff the phone should've had since launch...think of it as a new patched version of iPhone.
Ranting aside, this is true. Why poor iphone users needed to wait til 3.0 for cut n paste is baffling...

Most business oriented folk will opt for a Blackberry/WinMo/PalmPre, though the iphone is a nifty media player and has some interesting apps and games
Looks like the Zune HD is powered by the nvidia Tegra.. making its capacity for games quite appealing

I was never a huge fan of the old zunes(especially those first brown ones), but the ZuneHD is looking nice. With a delicious OLED screen, Tegra under the hood, one wouldnt be amiss to think theyre going to sell bundles, particularly if developers come up with alot of cool apps/games for it. Also the fact that the tegra supports flash acceleration can never do it any harm. Finally , as Groovy mentioned in the June podcast, Zune HD will integrate with XboxLive content, making it instantly appealing for x360 owners.

For those that didnt see it, here's that sneak peek hands on vid that surfaced online a few weeks ago


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