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"I am ready to assist you in whatever you require Tategami-sensai."

Tategami was proud to see the willingness in the Chunin's eyes.

"To achieve the rank, you must undergo the Jonin Exams; these trials anaylise your skills, performance and self-disciplin. As of now, I forbid you from undergoing these exams, until you have earned the right to."

"In order to do that, you must accompany me on one last mission. This will help me determin your willingness and commitment towards your team mates. Are you prepared?"


Kaneda eyed Specter with a suspicious eye. He's been in the bathroom for a long time. Then again, it wouldnt sound right to ask what he was doing.

He stood up. "Man, I'm full... I'm going to check on Karela, see if she is ok. I suppose your gonna have to tag along, seeing as I cant let you out of my sight. C'mon!"
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