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(I'm tweaking the settings today, but the kinks should be worked out by this weekend, so have patience)


Yep, folks, I finally broke down and rented a server. So, after eons of downtime, and my recent attempts at hosting sporadically off my home PC, I've thrown in for a decent server from EscapedTurkey for the summer.

Now I repeat, this is ONLY for the summer. I probably won't have the cash to spare or time to monitor it after this, so enjoy it while you can!

I'm currently uploading files and tweaking settings, so if you try it now, it may be buggy, but bear with me! I hope to have it smoothed out and running well by this weekend.

However, if you're curious and want to try it out, please go here:

The trackers should be updated, and I will restart it once a day to make sure things are working properly. Please shoot me an email or PM if things are not looking right.

The rotation should be two rounds of siege (six matches), followed by a run through of the JA basic maps, then the JA Bonus map pack, then I CTF (then the CTF bonus map). There's a "mayhem" map thrown in there every once in awhile too (a Duel map set to FFA, meaning it's basically a mosh pit!).

Dismemberment is enabled, and tons of Star Wars skins are supported... I will also try to get some Siege Destroyer/Asteroids Mod setup for later this summer (if they'll allow it).

Here's the IP:

Download JK2 maps for JA Server|BOOT CAMP!|Strategic Academy|
(JA Server:

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