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Training ground.

Dai jumped upward as his Sensai's fist slammed directly into the ground where he had been standing a moment ago.

"Be on your guard! An attack can come from any direction at any moment!"

I really hate these suprise traning think the training ground would be the last place he would look for me but no...

"Yes sensai! But you are the one who should be on guard!"

Dai flipped backward and slammed one of his hands flat on the ground and slapped his other hand on top of the one on the ground.


Dai ran straight at his sensai who casually stepped out of the way of the electrical attack.

What?! He can't do that!

Dai looked back at his sensai and ran toward him and jumped toward him "Poison Rlease: Poison Mist!" Dai actually managed to hit Lee with a small amount of the poison before he once again managed to jump backward and out of his sight.

He's so fast! How can anyone be that fast?! What I would do to meet his sensai...Wait...his sensai probably worked him harder then he works me.

Dai felt a tap on the back of his shoulder, the signal that the training match was over. "You did well today Dai. I'm suprised that managed to learn that poison technique though."

"Thank you sensai. In between my time training with you and my time working at the hospital Shizune has been teaching me a few tricks. She's a great medical-nin and I'm really learning quite a bit from her."

Lee sat down against the back of a tree. "I'm glad to hear that. One day, you may be able to actually hurt me."

Dai laughed. "That day will be coming sooner then you think sensai."

I still have around two hours before I have to volunteer at the hospital. Might as well go...have some fun.

Dai nodded to his sensai and walked off toward the center of the village.

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