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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Ranting aside, this is true. Why poor iphone users needed to wait til 3.0 for cut n paste is baffling...
Fair point Astro, but how many other phone manufacturers offer such massive enhancements and regular FREE updates 2 years after the original release of its product?

Trust me I am in no way an Apple fanboy, I still think iMacs and such are ludicrously overpriced for what they are, but the iPhone has never ever ceased to amaze me since I first got it, and fair enough, it should have had copy/paste, MMS and such since the start, but it's a brilliant phone/web browser/ipod nonetheless, and with my bundle in the UK I pay a fixed price very month to get unlimited internet and texts so I really can't complain

I do think the Iphone 3G S is a marginal improvement over the current one, the only real thing it has more is a 3MP camera instead of 2MP and it can shoot vids...big deal.

Also the 3.0 OS now allows internet tethering which is good for us laptop users as we can now use the Iphone's 3G connection to connect to the internet when you're out and about on the laptop, without the need for usb dongles and expensive charges for them...

[/iphone fanboy rant]

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