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Incoming OLED!

Don't own an iPhone. I have gone through a 10 GB iPod (gen 2 or 3, can't remember) and a Nano though. Gone through as in both devices have ceased to function. Others may thus understand why I'm not real enthused with durability of Apple's mobile product line.

OLED displays look like they're making some headway. Saw this report on Dailytech today and it stoked my fires of OLED anticipation. LG says they're releasing a 15 inch OLED set in December, albeit in South Korea only. Samsung claims they have 14.1 inch and 31 inch displays ready for production. Prices are expected to be sky high but I expect that like most technology products the quality will improve and prices will drop. I'm hoping in another couple of years I'll be able to afford a 42" OLED TV to replace my CRT TV.

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