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Jesus ****. I was going down the road earlier today, and this dumbass either didn't see the YIELD sign or didn't care. The car was right beside me, and his lane was about to run out. I'm pretty sure two things were going to happen: the guy was going in the grass, or he's going to sideswipe me. I really wanted to see what would happen, but didn't want to deal with possible ramifications if number two happened (insurance). So I let off the gas and the dumbass barely makes it into my lane.

Keep in mind, I'm going the speed limit. People are always ignoring the YIELD sign and speed up to get in front of incoming traffic, but this guy couldn't even manage that. Then the guy gets in the left lane (driving below the speed limit), gets into a turning lane, doesn't seem to know where he's going, gets out of the turning lane, drives some more, and then get back in another turning lane.

I really wish I had a minigun mounted on my roof.

That was bugging me all day. Feels good to get it out of my system.
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