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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Also the 3.0 OS now allows internet tethering which is good for us laptop users as we can now use the Iphone's 3G connection to connect to the internet when you're out and about on the laptop, without the need for usb dongles and expensive charges for them...
whoa...I didnt know that. What are those clowns up to! WinMo has had Internet sharing since version 5(at least) Ive been using it on my WinMo 6.0 htc touch dual for a whiles now. The wow factors associated with touch and accelerometer components surely come second to such vital functionality as being able to use the phone as a 3G modem

If the Zune HD makes its intended splash, the Zune Phone wont be far away... and the iphone will take a mighty kick in the bollocks(sales wise) It will be interesting to see if winMo7 devices will eventually sport the tegra too.

@Char >> Astro yearns for OLED... 46" 1600p OLED gaming monitor pleez ?? i dont mind waiting a few years


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