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Nice find there, Astro. Did Intel ever say Larrabee was going to debut in 2008? I haven't been paying close attention. Whatever the case, whenever Larrabee does show up I'll see how it stacks up against ATI's and NVIDIA's products. I anticipate Larrabee will need a couple of years to become a true competitor to ATI and NVIDIA, assuming Intel sticks with it this time.

I found this quote interesting as well.
Globalfoundries is a leading silicon foundry with advanced and outstanding processing technology. We’re seriously evaluating and discussing about the possibilities of working with them. As to TSMC, we do regard it as a world-class silicon OEM with flexible strategies. We’re working very closely together.
If I'm NVIDIA I want to make sure that ATI's stuff isn't going to get preferential treatment by Globalfoundries. IIRC AMD still owns a large chunk of Globalfoundries and that would give me pause.

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