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I don't have a whole lot to add to this discussion that hasn't already been said and I have by no means done extensive research on the subject so in that regard I will pose a question or two.

DY: You said that you would advocate providing fewer large open spaces so that people would feel more comfortable than in their front yard...(assuming I interpreted what you said correctly) How do you believe that would be so? How would you go about taking something that many Americans cherish away from them?

Frankly, I would tend to side with Bimmerman as I spent a fair amount of time in Europe in various cities while I was serving in the Navy. I couldn't imagine living as they do on top of one another all the time. To me personally that would be...claustrophobic.

I do live in an apartment now in West Texas which really doesn't qualify as densely populated and I have lived in apartments in the past in Virginia Beach and frankly I hated it.

I think we might be better served devoting our time and money to revamping our power grid, improving mass transit availability where it is viable, and researching vehicles that can utilize other types of fuel sources.

I guess I just fail to see how it would be economically viable to attempt to implement a system such as you describe. What do you do with people who don't wish to live in a city? Cut them off? Force them out?

Perhaps I don't understand the issue fully, but those are my questions and opinions such as they are.

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