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Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
I do live in an apartment now in West Texas which really doesn't qualify as densely populated and I have lived in apartments in the past in Virginia Beach and frankly I hated it.
I actually would consider that to be high density. I really am not pointing to New York and downtown Chicago as ideal models, as 40,000 people per square mile is overkill. There is a point where it becomes less logical to stack people on top of one another.

Buildings like the Sears Tower, World Trade center towers, and Tai-pah 101 are not the direction I am going for. I would be more for cities like Portland, with a density of 4,500 people per square mile, where mass transit is viable on a regional scale. That doesn't mean that you should build such a light rail system, but the option would at least be available for future development. That's the target I'm in favor of.

As for apartments and condos, I recognize that they are favored less by families with children. That is not something I really addressed. I know that most who prefer condos will likely be singles or childless couples, which should also be taken into consideration for the placement of schools. For families that do have children that live in single family detached homes, urban planning would be critical for planning bus routes and public spaces.

In my hometown of only 3,200 people, much funding is lost to school buses because there are so many people spread out that they drive 3 miles to collect only 12 children in some rural locations. That sounds small, but if these 12 children lived in a sprawl neighborhood, the number of bus stops adds hundreds to the service costs each year. On another route, in a very low density town, children often walk down their street and reduce the number of stops from 7 to only one (and reduce the time it takes to pick up students by driving along a main road and not turning down every end street along the way)

Same thing goes for post office trucks... consolidate people's mail boxes into one location and you can make each stop they make for a dozen boxes instead of one.

Garbage trucks can provide for many more people if they have one dumpster instead of a can for each house. Utility lines are much cheaper to place and maintain if you have more people sharing the same lines.

As for privacy... either you have a rural home for complete isolation, or you have neighbors surrounding you. If you are going to have neighbors, it's best to work in conjunction with them to share as many of the same systems as possible. It doesn't mean everyone must live in apartments, but those that live in single family detached homes should cluster together whenever possible for services such as these.
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