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I just wikipedia'd my city.

Ironically, my town has a population density of 3884.1 / sq mi (higher than Denver). Odd. My town has lots of space per person, and has few apartment buildings. Almost everything is single family homes or duplexes. Denver is suffocatingly large and dense to me, while my town with a larger density is much more comfortable. Statistics aren't everything; Boulder has greenery and parks and open spaces that truly disguise the number of people living here.....most cities I have seen do not.

Granted, I live outside the city limits and have more land. The density of where I technically live (the county), is a whopping 391 / sq mi.

However, remove the university from the equation and we have 1790 / sq mi. That's why the town feels small and livable.

Mass transit works in my town, but only as far as buses. As I said earlier, my town's mass transit system is part of one of the highest rates services around. My town is still centered around cars. We don't have traffic of any discernible sort. Population density itself is a useless statistic, as how the population is serviced by infrastructure is more important. If it's a town like Boulder, where most people live in actual houses (ignoring the university students and student-centered apartments), that's not a bad population density.

Where I live now, in Munich, the density is 11000/sq mi. Way too many.

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