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It's quite clear that I shouldn't try to argue with an issue like this when others have their own strong opinions. (removed flamebait). mimartin

I see that if people aren't going to confront a painful truth, then they will not believe anything I present. I see that I will only drive people away from what I've presented because they will just generate reasons and justifications for their lifestyle. Just wanted to inspire people to see a better future than what we are embarking upon, but clearly I must be the only one standing out from the group. Clearly if things are working so well, I must be the one not seeing things right.

When I come to see the reality is much different from what I'm envisioning, then maybe I can at least take some satisfaction when I see that all my logic is flawed. Maybe it would be great to see that all that I'm fearing is just in my head. I can stand finding out that I'm the one who's wrong on this issue; that would make me VERY satisfied.

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