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The International House of Mojo Staff Staff of Kings Reviews - now up!!

At long last I've finally finished the reviews! Got a little worried there when the Mojo network went down for a bit, but it's back and we're done!

I've been playing both the Wii and PSP versions for a week and have been gathering opinions on the PS2 and DS versions, so now at last may I present Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings - The IndyJones.Net Ultimate Review!

Read about the Wii/PS2 versions here, and the PSP/DS versions here.

We've also been collecting any decent online reviews over the past couple of weeks, which you can check out on our Staff of Kings Reviews page. Still not sure? Well, then we've got links for Gameplay Videos for all versions now up on our Images & Videos page for the game (I apologise for not embedding them directly, but they're widescreen and muck up our current design something horrible!<p>

Hope you're enjoying whichever version you went for, but if you held off buying until you got some informed opinions from Indy Fans, hope this helps! Also, all the reviews currently out there seem to be for the Wii version only, so hope my rough guides and PSP review evens that out a bit for you!

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