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Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
DY...what I think Bimmerman was asking for was if you had evidence supporting the statement you made regarding government services to be lacking, expenditures per capita etc....
The first law of cognitive geography: Distance and Similarity in Semantic Spaces

In this, the basic concept is that you have a much greater influence when you're closer to the source than if you're further away. This is mainly applied to physical geography, but it holds true to human geography. Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things. From this, it would make better sense to have police, schools, hospitals, and sanitation services closer to where they're needed. You can get more closer to a greater number of people in a dense city than a suburb.

The same thing goes to transportation because you have to spend more for powering these systems the further away from the source you get. This is why density is so important: because it holds true to this fundamental principle by having more people more easily able to reach a greater number of potential destinations with greater resiliency than being solely auto dependent.
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