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I do think so, or at least according to the 2005 rolling stone interview. (should not be hard to find, it has the big guy on the front and say cult obsession with vader or the dark side or something like that.)

I think Lucas intended some kind of symbolism throughout the entire series, actually. I can pull it up for you, I suppose. If you're interested. But to answer your question I think that you are dead on.

Also the name Skywalker implies, well, walking in the sky. Sort of heavenly bound perhaps.

Recalling my college classes in english and in anthropology club with the teachers absolutely crazy over this stuff:

Metaphorically speaking: well intended. Heart in the right place even if the head isn't. And the whole idea of Anakin being conceived by midichlorians within Shmi Skywalker's body was akin to stories of greek gods who adulterated earthly women. Their offspring were half human half god.

Look also at the other sith lords' names. They are (for most part) variants on certain words. Which of course the character was supposed to be modeled after. Least as much is so for the movies. Otherwise it pertains to something in their life or origins for others. (IE Legacy era comics, new jedi order era, Old Republic era pre ruusan, etc.)

Tyrannus: Tyrant, Tyranny. While being a face of apparent compassion and strength in leadership. A leader of his word, of competence, he was manipulative and used separatists to his own ends. He actually thought he was doing a service ultimately using the elements causing corruption (trade federation, greivous, etc.) with intent of expending them when of no more use to him. Craved power over legions and people with eventuality of not serving what he saw as a self weakening institution in the republic. Ruloing at the head of it all. Didn't see it coming, his death.

Maul definition: literally is a heavy headded tool for driving wedges and splitting wood. Also a term for vicious fierce biting, like that of an attacking animal.

A brute, Maul was nothing less than a ferocious beast. On the prowl like a predator and attacking as such. Very apt. (Still, I do like his double bladed lightsaber combat form. Ray park was awesome.)

Sidious: see also insidious. In the shadows and elusive. Ominous. Describes him very well as a sith lord, otherwise a senator who became chancellor and cemented himself as emperor.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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