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I didn't mean to rob out all the fun. Imperial officers in the New Order (Original Trilogy) typically have "British" sounding accents. Piett, Emperor Palpatine, Vader, Ozzel, Veers, etc.... Stormtroopers (sandtroopers, snowtroopers, scouts, etc...) typically sound American. What I was asking was which imperials (not counting troopers of any kind) sound American.
While this was rather open, I was looking for the following:
  1. In ANH during the Devastator's attack on the Tantive IV, there are three.
  2. The guy who says "Hold your fire, there are no life forms on board"
  3. The guy who tells Vader "She'll die before she tells you anything"
  4. The guy who informs Vader that the Death Star plans are not on board
    On the Death Star
  5. The deck officer of Docking Bay 327 ("I want a scanning crew in here on the double!")
  6. The guy who tries to reach TK-421 via comm
  7. The guy who says "commence primary ignition"

But your answer was good too.

Next question.

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