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Kairi Niko/Revan - Zhang Ziyi.
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What did it for me was not the dozen-odd martial arts fantasy movies, but Memoirs of a Geisha. Y'see, unlike amny versions of Revan, Kairi is quiet and a bit on the somber side. Had she not been Force-Sensitive, she would have been a fine senator or diplomat, and up until the Big Reveal, still pretty much thought of herself as Bastila's translator and aide. In her Geisha role, Zhang carried herself with a certain sadness and longing, and it's a similar heaviness that I see in both Darth Revan and her "successor," Kairi.

Bastila - Kiera Knightly. We know she could handle the SW universe and fighting scenes, as her first major role was Sabe. She's got the face for it, definitely.

Canderous - I'm so agreeing with Ron Perlman here. I keep seeing him as a character with great dignity and presence, one who has a very strong arc of growth from a jaded, paid thug to the future "king" of his people. Perlman does his best work in genre work, usually under a ton of makeup. And hey, I'm old-school enough to remember Vincent. The guy's got some range.

Jolee - Freeman would be interesting, but something about Richardson's delivery reminds me of Avery Brooks.

Mission - Come to think on it, Hayden Panettiere could pull it off. The energy and the smile are definitely there. We'd have to up our sweet Twi'lek's age a bit, but who cares?

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