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"I am a tortured soul force to suffer everyday, an undying shadow consumed in a world of light. I've have waited a long time for this day and wish to enjoy this moment. Walk away now and we won't have a problem, but stay and I will see to it this floor gets repainted in your blood."

Dai finally managed to get his pulse to stop racing to get a better look at the thing in front of him.

Look at looks like its already seen battle recently, I can see scars, rips in the clothing where shuriken must have hit him. Those eyes though...those strange eyes...

Dai considered his options carefully...he could either try to fight this foe without any knowledge of it's capabilities, or he could run away and get help.

Third option...theres always a third option...wait just a minute...I am under the hokage's office right? And the hokage is usually the strongest one in the village right...Well, thats a no brainer.

"Hokage-Sama!" He shouted knowing the window above him was open, "There's an intruder in the village!"
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