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"Not only am I prepared, I am honored as well. I am ready to leave immediately."

Tategami smiled. "I can sense your doubt. Your confusion is understandable. But it will all become very clear in time..."

He crossed his arms. "We're looking for a man named Mikita Ryuu. He's an escaped prisoner of the Arashi stronghold. He may have the information we need to locating them and-" he was interupted when he heard a yelling outside of the building.

""There's an intruder in the village!"

"C'mon, I'll explain everything later..." Tategami exclaimed. He walked outside of the Hokage's building, to see another Takeda holding Dai with a sword close to his neck. He looked next to him to confirm the "real" Takeda was next to him. He also stared at the enemy's eyes; they were far different from Takeda's.

"Let him go, Specter!"

Naruto observed the scene from above, standing atop of the Hokage's mansion roof. He crossed his arms, eyeing what appeared to be Takeda. But Takeda would never act like this...

"Not another word, not another sound. None of your jitsu stuff either. You'd be surprised how many ninja have been in your place and thought they could break free. I've waited such a long time for this and I won't have you spoil it. Now silence yourself or I will gladly do it for you."

"That wont be necasary..." he sighed. "I'm right up here. Let him go, and we can settle this like "civilised" men. I am unarmed."

"He's not gonna listen..." he thought.
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