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Originally Posted by elmanmasraro View Post
Ok Tingler, thanks for your help. I REALLY appreciate it. I have finally decided myself. I will buy the PSP version, and get the PS2 version from a friend or something like that (cuz they will probably hate it).

Oh and hey, I saw some user reviews at Gamespot of the PSP version and they said their time spent was between 10-40 hours! When I saw that I was like WTF. Is this true? You said the game was pretty short.
10-40 hours?! You could probably finish the game in an hour or two! I assume they're just replaying the levels constantly to get all the awards and things, plus they must be obsessive Time Trial players.

Either that or they're really, really crap at the game!

10-40 hours is a pretty big margin though!

The Wii version's definitely the one to get, but I think I got the best experience playing that AND the PSP version. They complement each other well.

It's just a shame that considering it's been six years since the last Indy game all these versions feel like they were made in a short, tight time schedule.

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