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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I doubt they limit what saber color you can use based on that, you can probably use whatever color you want if you can find the right crystals. The most I can see them doing with Guardian/Sentinel/Consular is talent trees like WoW.
I'm of the same opinion as you here. I simply cannot see a full class (even a subclass) being created for separate specialisations of Jedi/Sith.

Originally Posted by Saenjaina View Post
Hunted, do you mean in the sense of there being an expansion at some time, introducing space flight?
I think he's speculating that we will all have our own ship for interplanetary travel, making us 'pilots' - whether or not we physically fly the ship as a player.

In the 2nd developer dispatch video, Hall Hood made said this about Ord Mantell:
There are people who will steal your starship if you’re not careful.
Which may have been a meaningless analogy or perhaps it was a slip of the tongue regarding interplanetary travel in SWTOR

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