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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
If the Zune HD makes its intended splash, the Zune Phone wont be far away... and the iphone will take a mighty kick in the bollocks(sales wise)
Meh, they said that when the G1 came out in this country, was more of a little splash than a bang on impact...

As to the 3G tethering only being implemented now, most iPhone users aren't as tech-savvy as you or me Astro, and they don't want to play around for 5 hours configuring their device to perfection ;-) It wasn't intented to be an ultra-tech phone to begin with, it was aimed more for the entertainment orientated people, music, mobile internet and phone as the main features, and I know we disagree on this one, but no one does it better

Originally Posted by HK-42 View Post
I am not a fan of Zune's GUI, its just in a list. Apples' got the fancy stuff. Also the iphone isn't great until it is jailbroken, it allows tons more stuff like themes, video recording(before 3.0), folders, video backgrounds, more apps, custom ringtones, ebooks, and tons more.
1) Since Jailbraiking the iPhone is very illegal, this is the first and last time it will be discussed in these forums.

2) There is absolutely no need whatsoever to do such an idiotic thing,a few reasons

- what themes or backgrounds would you want for example? all you see is the apps on your home screen leaving no room to see anything on a background, you can set a picture as your screensaver/clock bg so I'm missing the point there...
- folders to do what? put music in? that's what ipod does...put pictures in? oh wait... see my point?
- You can already legally make custom ringtones for yout iPhone from literally any song you want...the only thing you can't do is set a custom message tone...
- You can get ebooks through the app store, a lot of good free ones too! I've currently got all of Shakespeare's work on my iPhone, as well as The Art of War, Moby Dick and Dorian Gray to name but a few...all 100% free and legal.

I think I've made my point, I'm not trying to be anal here but I will be very strict about this subject, in no way will Jailbreaking the iPhone be made to sound like a good thing or a good idea on this forum...

In the privacy of your own home, do what you want, I'm not pretending to be holier-than-thou here, but just keep it clean here m'kay?

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