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"Let him go, Specter!"

Specter stared at Tategami and the real Takeda and just laughed.

"That wont be necasary..." he sighed. "I'm right up here. Let him go, and we can settle this like "civilised" men. I am unarmed."

Specter looked up and met the eyes of the demon himself. His left arm loosing his grip just a bit but enough for Dai to make his move. He quickly felt pain and released the boy. White blood dripped down to the floor. Anger quickly moved around his enite body. He could feel his body temperature rising. He concentrated all his energy into his body. Within seconds, Specter disapeared leaving only a small flame behind. Specter felt himself reapear behind Naruto. He threw off Takeda's outfit to reveal Specter's original white one.

"Naruto, I have waited a long time. I have spent years searching and now I have finally found you. My clan, the Linkolo tribe was wiped out. They were destroyed by a nine tailed beast. You are a nine tailed beast, it was you who had to have done this. It was you who killed my family!"
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