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"Naruto, I have waited a long time. I have spent years searching and now I have finally found you. My clan, the Linkolo tribe was wiped out. They were destroyed by a nine tailed beast. You are a nine tailed beast, it was you who had to have done this. It was you who killed my family!"

"I hate to break it to you, but I think you've got the wrong man..." He said in a very bored tone. "So you might as well kill me and be charged with murder."

"I knew a guy named Sora. He was very much like me. He was an artificial Jinchuuriki imbedded with Nine-Tailed Demon fox chakra. Its possible you dealt another of his kind. But if you dont believe me, then I suppose you might as well kill me now!"

"HOKAGE-SAMA! ARE YOU INSANE?!" Tategami exclaimed.
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