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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
One energy is not another and Yoda was actively absorbing/dissipating and channeling the lightning back, you implied Nihilus would "feed" off of it automatically... big difference. There is no 'automatic' when attacking something with the force, unless they are unprepared or not force sensitive.

The Living Force is essentially Life Energy (Yoda's own words).
The Dark Side is essentially Death Energy (Yoda's own words again).

Feeding upon another's Living Force like Nihilus does he would be at the minimum weakened to incapacitated, or simply incompatible if he tried to feed off of Dark Side energy.
Now this I have to say is one of the most interesting commentaries I've seen so far on the nature of the Force. Rather than the sides of the Force being based upon abstract codes of morality, you are implying that essentially they are based upon the cycle of life and death. I'd find such a system much more preferable, although since life and death are closely interrelated it would essentially explain why the problem with the Jedi is stagnation and the problem with the Sith is self-destruction.
It isn't Vampiricy... not in the traditional sense... against someone who has such knowledge he would have to breach their defense to cause any sort of damage to the subject. Also Nihilus would be less effective in staving off the other party if their defense held because he would have to maintain concentration to keep his power 'up' so his attack would be automatic the next round.

Your 'guard' would not be down... you can still take actions while you focus on creating or controlling the storm (pending your Concentration Skill, D6 game mechanic). While you do suffer penalties for having the power up... you can indeed still act, though with similar penalties as Nihilus would have above for maintaining the power in combat.
You do make a good case here.
You must know the various ebbs and flows of energy to be able to master your own energy to keep it intact after death.

Requirements for Transfer Life: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate healing, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Hibernation Trance, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis, Farseeing, Projective Telepathy, Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Feed On the Dark Side, Inflict Pain, Return Another To Consciousness, Transfer Force, Drain Life Essence, Affect Mind, Control Mind, Dim Another's Senses.
Since I only read these things off of Wookiepedia, I have never seen this list. It is quite extensive.
A Sith Lord such as Sidious would have many such capabilities or knowledge, while not used in his day to day actions he can have it in his 'aresenal' if needed. He also is noted to possess a plethora of other abilities.
Quite powerful. However, I would point out in the spirit of the original topic that Kreia not only had access to both many of the same Sith teachings that Palpatine did and many of the elite teachings of the Jedi, but ALSO the teachings of Malachor V. Only the following individuals besides her had access to the lessons of the Trayus Academy:

Darth Nihilus
Darth Sion
Darth Revan
Sith Assassins of the Sith Triumvirate
The Jedi Exile and her companions
The True Sith

Since Nihilus and Sion died with the Assassins, Revan is presumably dead, and the Exile and her companions likely never used them since canon dictates they chose the light, only the True Sith Empire would still be able to pass on those teachings. Somehow the likelihood of Palpatine gaining access to that advantage is very low, especially since such teachings would be limited the Sith Emperor and any other True Sith in the Empire as opposed to recruits.
Doesn't work like that... the power goes to you, is corrupted in doing so, to fuel your own power.
I see. You certainly seem to understand Force power mechanics better than I do.
Well he was the last of the Sith Lords... so he had much knowledge at his disposal.
True, and most of what he probably did in the empire was to do a lot more studying since Tarkin and Vader were running the show.
As said above you must know the various ebbs and flows of energy to be able to master things Plageus was stated to have mastered.

I'm not saying one is a shoe-in to beat the other, just your are discounting one party a whole bunch in your estimates.
Show spoiler

However, you are right that I should not entirely discount Palpatine in that he was essentially the height of what a New Sith Wars-on Sith could become. But there is obviously a major difference in the power level of the Sith from either era, and Old Sith Wars era seems to have things in their favor.

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