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"I knew a guy named Sora. He was very much like me. He was an artificial Jinchuuriki imbedded with Nine-Tailed Demon fox chakra. Its possible you dealt another of his kind. But if you dont believe me, then I suppose you might as well kill me now!"

Specter stared into Naruto's eyes and dropped his stance. His next move would have been insane of him to do a few minutes ago; he bowed to the Hokage.

"Your words hold truth in what they say. You are not the man who murdered my clan. Where can I find this Sora?"

Takeda watched the events unfold on the rooftop.

"I say we take him. Between the four of us there's no way he can survive."

"I don't think he's a threat right now. He's not evil, just vengeful. Besides he's weak now and won't fight us."
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