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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Quite powerful. However, I would point out in the spirit of the original topic that Kreia not only had access to both many of the same Sith teachings that Palpatine did and many of the elite teachings of the Jedi, but ALSO the teachings of Malachor V. :
Malachor V as well all know was planet of the True Sith who we know is in fact the ancient sith (kreia likely referred to them as such do Kun and Revan's sith) This means that the knowledge is likely of the same sort found on other sith worlds like Korriban but the difference between the two is that Malachor (at the time of the Mandalorian War) was untouched and Korriban wasn't. Now the only technique that one could make any argument for being unique to Malachor is the "force drain/insta kill" (or whatever you want to call it) that Traya uses on the 3 jedi on Dantooine.

I would like to point out that Sidious has access to all of Naga Sadow's knowledge through Sadow's holocron(among others). In the "jedi vs sith guide," Palpatine states that he has been to the following ancient sith worlds/moons (or atleast had a heavy/powerful sith presence) Khar Delba,Khar Shian,Dromund Kaas,Thule and we know that he has been to Korriban several times,he very likely visited Zoist and Vjun among others. And this isn't counting the information passed down from the members of Bane's order, in which the founder had learned from Revan,Nadd's and Belia Darzu's holocron(though she was apart of the New Sith Wars) so he likely knew some of the same techniques as Traya, plus there we surely knew techniques invented/discovered. As I said before Sidious also had the Telos holocron which has a wealth of knowledge from many sith of all era's and the known gatekeepers include the likes of Ajunta Pall,Bane,Naga Sadow and Sidious himself later.

So I wouldn't put too much stock in the fact that Palpatine didn't get the chance to study on Malachor (though he knows of the planets existence and destruction and makes reference to it)

only the True Sith Empire would still be able to pass on those teachings. Somehow the likelihood of Palpatine gaining access to that advantage is very low, especially since such teachings would be limited the Sith Emperor and any other True Sith in the Empire as opposed to recruits.
True Sith Empire=Ancient sith and Palpatine had access to their knowledge. The difference in name is because Kreia doesn't view the Sith empire that Revan created as real sith. So she called the Ancient sith, "true sith" to avoid confusion between the two.

And for the record, Darth Maul was stated to trained in the jedi arts and not just by Qui-gon. (Dark Side Source book I believe) so even kreia's jedi knowledge wouldn't be too far ahead of Sidious's jedi knowledge if at all since also had jedi holocrons such as the Tedryn Holocron.

Also, we've seen that even the ghosts of the Old Sith Wars Sith tended to own post Old Sith Wars Sith (Krayt was nearly defeated by Nihilus, Andeddu, and Bane, then severely wounded by Karness Muur, while Wyrlock was nearly defeated by Andeddu himself).
Bane(who Sidious had Bane's knowledge),Nihilus and Anddedu's holocron (who count dooku had before Krayt which opens the possibility for Palpatine to have study from it) caught Krayt off guard and who's health wasn't perfect at this time hence his reason for talking to them in the first place. I haven't read onward in Legcacy so I can't comment on Muur and Anddedu's battle though Anddedu was killed but Krayt and Wyrlock don't have any feats that put them on the level of "Post Old Sith War" sith such as Bane, Caedus, Vader, and Palpatine or Galen Marek (who although was never anything more than a dark jedi, was trained by Vader in the darkside and even by the of TFU had very little jedi knowledge compared to his sith/dark jedi knowledge so his name is worth mentioning here)

Imagine if an Old Sith Wars Sith Lord like, say, Ajunta Pal met Darth Vader in the flesh rather than being a ghost. Ajunta would crush Vader into spare parts!
What has Ajunta Pall done other than being one of the original sith lords? Being a ancient sith simply isn't enough to make that assumption.

Likewise, Krayt would never have been able to actually stand against the real Nihilus, Andeddu, or Karness Muur.
I never thought Krayt wasn anything special.

I also don't think Kreia's lightsaber skills are superior to Sidious's.

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