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Originally Posted by negsun
In the privacy of your own home, do what you want, I'm not pretending to be holier-than-thou here, but just keep it clean here m'kay?
There is no need for the emotion and arm flappery. It should be easy to provide info about the capabilities of a non jailbroken phone without that. Remember, Pride is our enemy As for Jailbreaking ... a simple "jailbreaking will void your warranty so its on your head if you mess with it" is more than enough. I'm sure there are people out there who think its a fantastic idea (from a functionality perpective).

For both viewpoints, the warranty issue is the only thing that matters, legally

What has been amusing is how Apple have taken grumpily to PalmPre users using ITunes for syncing.... >>source I dont get why they'd be so fussed???

Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Meh, they said that when the G1 came out in this country, was more of a little splash than a bang on impact...
Android devices dont hold a mass market allure. Tech heads find them intriguing, Linux fans feel a kinship towards them them... but everyone else??

Something that will integrate with an xbox/windows pc and has a tegra under the hood - would for some -hold an instant appeal compared with the google phone.

Speaking of nvidia/tegra... nvidia's GM of their Mobile Business Unit recently ruffled some nerdfeathers when he stated Windows CE was prefereable to android for the smartbook market... >>source

It shouldnt be too upsetting though. Windows CE has been around on mobile platforms for years, thus manufacturers have been able to better understand and optmise it to achieve their ends. If Android has the market draw, they'll eventually figure it out for that too


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