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Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
Also, Darth Yuthura, Kreia may have beat three Jedi Masters, but how did she do it? She did it the wimpy way, by simply using some uber powered Drain Life (how else would they lose their presence in the Force?). Palpatine, on the other hand, killed three masters with one saber. That tells me Kreia was either a wimp, or too lazy to pull out a saber.
If Palpatine could have done the same, he would have. Sith have no ambiguity in regards to honor, so if old Palpy could just kill them in an instant... he would have. Kriea wasn't just lazy; no one as powerful as she/yoda/palpatine would have become so powerful by being lazy. Palpatine attacked with a lightsaber because he wasn't powerful enough to beat his enemies with the Force.

Darth Vader was all brute strength and no brains... he could win with a lightsaber, but lose in every other way that mattered. A lightsaber is easy to kill with, but a skilled Force user could entirely negate that advantage.
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