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Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
Sith Skillz: Considering the amount of knowledge and techniques available to Palpatine was probably limited big time by Bane's Rule of Two, as compared with Kreia's encyclopedic knowledge as both Trayus's guardian and a Jedi Archivist? She hands him his sorry butt in this category.
She doesn't hand him anything here. Traya's only advantage is Malachor but as I said above, it is just another Ancient sith world, the only thing that makes it different then Korriban for instance, is the fact that it wasn't raided so it's knowledge was intact. Other Malachor V the only other sith world that we know for a fact she has been to is Korriban and she didn't step off the Ebon Hawk.

She has Malachor and her jedi knowledge vs the following for Sidious.

Sidious has the Telos Holocron: which is basically a sith version of the jedi's great holocron and dates back to the time of the ancient sith given some of it's gatekeepers which inlcude the likes of Ajunta Pall,Darth Bane and Naga Sadow. I would like to point out that two if the mentioned gatekeepers were ancient sith and Darth Bane's sith knowledge comes from Revan's, Nadd's and Belia Darzu's holocron so he has some rich knowledge to put in despite him living only 1000 years before Sidious. Count Dooku also extracted the knowledge from Darth Anddedu's holocron so this is another source of sith knowledge that Palpatine could potentially have access to. That's a lot of sith knowledge coming only from holocrons.

Sidious has also visited the following worlds/moons, Korriban,Vjun,Khar Delba,Khar Shian,Thule and Drmun Kaas. So I don't see how Traya's sith knowledge, Malachor (it's the only known sith planet she traveled to,to study on that we know of and thus can only judge her on that) competes with Palpatine's sith knowledge and mind you that he had access to other force organizations, which I could post on if you like.

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