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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Now this I have to say is one of the most interesting commentaries I've seen so far on the nature of the Force. Rather than the sides of the Force being based upon abstract codes of morality, you are implying that essentially they are based upon the cycle of life and death. I'd find such a system much more preferable, although since life and death are closely interrelated it would essentially explain why the problem with the Jedi is stagnation and the problem with the Sith is self-destruction.
That is and how I will always view it, watch ESB and Yoda's comments carefully it alludes heavily to this. Then in Episode 1 Qui-Gon using the term 'The Living Force' it all but seals it (for me).

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Since I only read these things off of Wookiepedia, I have never seen this list. It is quite extensive.
It is a very powerful ability and as such you have to have a certain mastery over the force to use it. Also, I treat Wookiepedia as being a 'nice' resource but it is not very comprehensive IMHO anyway.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Quite powerful. However, I would point out in the spirit of the original topic that Kreia not only had access to both many of the same Sith teachings that Palpatine did and many of the elite teachings of the Jedi, but ALSO the teachings of Malachor V.
Interesting theory but not shown to be true in the EU, see the modern levels of power are actually stronger as Palapatine would have access to all the things Kreia boasts plus others that were discovered or created in the time between the eras (Create Force Storm, Doppelganger, Transfer Life, Feed on the Dark Side, Enhanced Coordination, and others).

To analyze the Sith Lord trio from TSL; Nihilus has Drain Life (Or a variation thereof) other than that he seems to be a rather meat-and-potatoes Sith Lord in abilities other than his main one. Kreia can Drain Life but on a more limited scale (can defend against Nihilus it seems at certain moments), she has advanced Telekinetic abilities, but demonstrates no other major powers/abilities I suspect she is also a meat-and-potatoes Sith Lord but with a unique goal (Suspicions garnered from Exile's final fight on Malachor with her). Now Sion is a basic Sith Lord who has advanced his Control of the Force to be able to keep himself going bodily when others would expire, but he is quite defeat-able in other ways than talking him out of it as the Exile does.*

*Sion's "Immortality" could be disrupted by a rather common Jedi Power of Telekinesis but said challenging Jedi's ability to Alter the force would have to override Sion's Control of the Force to dissipate him. Then there is another common power (In the modern era) Control Anothers Pain, Sion's immense pain is also a key to his strength and 'life', eliminate that and you could then defeat him physically.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
But there is obviously a major difference in the power level of the Sith from either era, and Old Sith Wars era seems to have things in their favor.
You seem to equate things to to the old era = more ability/power it is shown to us in the various EU stories to be the opposite I'm afraid.

Palapatine has demonstrated levels of power that all the old guard of the Sith couldn't even muster or at best could match in a limited way. Remember in this dual Palapatine has 4000 years on Kreia, that is valuable in that there are things he would know that she wouldn't, and very little she would know that can't be matched by Palapatine in some way. But this is actually somewhat non-sequitur as I was addressing your theories on Nihilus' abilities being god-like and they aren't, in the modern SW era anyway.

Though if the two Sith lords were indeed having a knock-down-drag-out fight their known powers wouldn't be but a small part of the actual battle. IMHO against an unknown opponent you definitely don't want to use 'flashy' powers you want to keep it simple and controlled feel your opponent out during the fight and if there is a weakness that comes apparent then exploit it, the battle would be fierce but in the end it would come up to who won the 'die rolls' if you know what I mean.

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