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Originally Posted by teodesetkata View Post
Come to think of it, Darth Vader didn't use Lightning, either... at least, in the movies.
I would think that even if he could, it would be disastrous for him: it would destroy or damage all of the electrical machinery in his prosthetic limbs.

Having worked with electricity in real life I could say it also would dig in or bite down into his flesh at edges or sharp points. Not to mention the metal limbs would be excellent conductors of the physical electrical energy portion of force lightning. Also would not be wise b/c he is bionic by necessity and it would damage and fry critical life support systems, severly injuring if not killing him. What little is left of him, anyway.

The following is only in the game and I don't know about canonized content, otherwise:
PS1 SW:Phantom Menace game, at the very last part of your fight with maul, if you are out of saber combat range, maul will repeatedly make a hand gesture and a little red bolt of lightning will leap out of his hand hitting you and whittle away your health until you either die or you fight him. Looks like the bolt that comes from Amidala's droid restrainer, but her's was blue.

Originally Posted by Doctorjones View Post
Sorry if this has already been posted before, but just out of interest.

Did Darth Maul ever use Sith lightning? I no he doesn't in the Phantom Menace. I would be suprised if he didn't at some point, or maybe he just wasn't strong enough or skilled enough to use it yet?

Any thoughts?
Other than my example, you'd have to read up on Darth Maul. But I don't think he did. He could have, but I don't think so.

Originally Posted by A Galaxy Foreseen View Post
I say my friend,
He could of killed Obi-Wan with the same move that Obi-Wan did on Anakin in there Battle on Mustafar.
But yeah.

But That is beside the point, I agree on the idea of that he could use it but just did not
care to. He, in my opinion used force push more than anything. (as he used it to push Obi-Wan into that pit)
I'll settle for that, I suppose.
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