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"I'm right down here!" he yelled from below. He was standing on the veranda. "I was expecting you to kill my shadow clone. Looks like you killed the fun instead."

Specter was losing his paitence with this one. However it help prove there was no way he could have murdered his family. Specter teleported off the roof to Naruto's second location.

"I have not seen Sora for so many years. But even I know he couldnt be the Nine-Tailed demon you are searching for; because I absorbed his chakra. You must be dealing with another of his kind."

"No more games! It was hard enough to track you down but at least I knew who you were. Now I have to track down someone I don't even know!"

Takeda who at this point stop caring at what was going on seeing that Specter wasn't going to attack nodded back as Dai left. He turned to Tategami.

"He was quite quick on his feet, perhaps he would make a good addition to your squad Tategami sensai."
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