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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Actually Apple has stated back in February that jailbreaking the Iphone is considered copyright infringement and thus illegal, so it goes a bit beyond voiding the warranty...
Apple *wants* it to be illegal you mean?? It is as yet untested and unratified (in a court o' law)

Apple filed for an exemption of contract with the DMCA Copyright Infringement Office. Heres the actual filing in a pdf if you are a legal eagle

Does that mean theyre going to prosecute Woz for jailbreaking Kathy Griffin's iphone ??

Unless they are willing to enforce it at grassroots level, the legal infringement is more of a discouragement for those thrilseekers who brick their iphones trying to jailbreak it, and then take it back to the vendor crying foul..

* * *

In other news... remember that Asus Mars GTX 295..... whilst not a complete review by any means, ocaholic have put up some more details on it... the one that makes the hardware people drool being the world record breaking 25,000+ on 3DMark...

Then there was the Computex Demo vid of 2xMARs running in Quad SLI... where they got Far Cry 2 running at QUAD-HD aka 3840 x 2160 (or 2160p).

These cards are a 1000 issue limited release and will cost $1700 USD

Personally, Id prefer to wait for the GT300 I also would really like to know where the heck you can get a Quad HD monitor... 1600p just doesnt sound sexeh enough anymore


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