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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Wow...wish I had you to show me this about 11 years ago when I continually got lost...
I first played FoA somewhere in the 90s, but I never finished it. It was only recently that I had a go at it and finished the games, liking it so much I replayed it twice immediatly.

Have you never seen the labyrinth map that's in the Hint Book? Someone really ought to scan that...
I've seen the hintbook, but I don't really remember any map of the labyrinth.
Regardless, I didn't find one on the internet. So here's my version.

Sorry I couldn't make it years ago :P

Btw, does anyone know if some of the hidden oricalcum detected doors are different in different playthroughs? Since I only played through it three times I can't really know, appart from some doors being closed in some paths, there was only one real difference. The room behind doorway 22 is a dead end in Team and Wits path, while it has two other exits in Fists.

Edit: feck, I just noticed that I forgot to add a line to doorway 29 on Fists path, though it's easy enough to see where it goes, the room is right above it.

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