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Okay, it's clear that Interceptor has the clear advantage of being able to stand up to the elements much better than Dragon Skin. I cannot deny that is its strength in terms of ability to take non-projectile punishment where you have a more complex structure with dragon skin.

If Pinnacle were to come up with something other than using an adhesive to hold the disks in place, Dragon skin will not be as reliable. If they were to interweave the discs with kevlar, or some other mechanical fastener, then that would change, but even with what they have, it's by far better at stopping projectiles than Interceptor. But given as they have to take abuse from other elements, then I would admit that Interceptor wins that battle.

And here are some counter facts to those that were posted above:

-It actually has gone down in price and now is 1.5 times the price of Interceptor
-Greater torso protection than Interceptor
-Covers more of the torso than Interceptor

+It's heavier, can't deny that
+vulnerable to other elements encountered on the battlefield

Whatever else it may have the edge on, that vulnerability to the elements makes Dragon Skin is a severe problem that Pinnacle needs to deal with before it would be accepted by the Military.
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