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Wow. I must have been out of it but that's what I get for being a busy grad student. As one of the older members of the series, nothing pleases me more than my continued participation. With that said, I will be assuming my usual bout of characters.

Main Characters:

Name: Jun-la and Tulre Starlighter
Gender: Female, Male respectively
Species: Avalonian
Faction: Jedi in the Republic sense of the word but their philosophy is closer to the Grey Jedi
Weapons: Jun-la carries Sanglumina, the sword of her family; made of the iron of cold fire (meteor) this blade burns with every cut and is highly resistant to lightsabers, also Jun-la carries a lightsaber with the rare bronzium gold crystals; Tulre carries Xyadie, the sword of justice, its verdict is always final and made from the finest cortosis, carries a lightsaber with a cereulian crystal
Description: (Have drawings and will post)
Jun-la adopted the style of wear that she wore on Amshrey. Tunic has 3/4 sleeves with an embroidered pattern on the cuffs, comes down to her midriff. Dark brown pants and knee high boots. Amberesque eyes and dark brown hair with several blonde stripes running through it. Hair is usually arranged in a single long braid.
Tulre wears the uniform of the Bushida academy located on Andorra. Similar to the samurai tunic shape. Pants and boots, he looks more like a Jedi of the Old Republic. Blue eyes and dirt blonde hair, he bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather.
After Bastion, Tulre escorted his father back to Coruscant. The twins realized that Bastion had affected their father more than he let on. Tulre convinced him to return to the temple and train the younglings. Tulre stayed on as a general factotum and took an apprentice of his own named Aruko, from Mikkado.
Jun-la continued to train her apprentice Andros Kaltas while maintaining a close relationship with Matton Rand. Along the way, she kept up the search looking for Andirril training and hoping to find a way to free the girl from this evil source.

Name: Tonatius Iazoki
Gender: Male
Species: Avalonian
Homeworld: Tython
Weapons: Carries a lightsaber, no known idea of the color blade, has never been seen using it; preferred weapon of choice is the sword known as Windweaver, blade is like the traditional katana blades of Avalon yet when swung, it lopes through air gracefully
Tonatius wears the tunic of his mother's people. Folding left ovre right since he is male, the tunic is dark red (think Padme in TPM at the end) the cuffs are bordered with blue and embroidered are the waves of Aztlan in gold. Black pants and boots. Tonatius also has dark hair and grey-blue eyes.
With lives lost at Bastion, Tonatius swears to uphold the promise he made to his cousin. In the meantime he spends time with Komad in helping him get over Greea's death and teaching Komad Avalonian techniques in defense. Often missing Tiye who returned to Amshrey to rally her people, he spends his free time on the lost poem painting technniques that have not been seen since Lady Ashira-Li, the mother of Andros Starlighter.

Name: Tavaryn Onashi
Species: Avalonian
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Homeworld: Belos he calls home but was born in the colony on Dantooine
Weapons: Shuriken (ninja stars); the sword Mirasaku; master of hand to hand ie chimeteki no sentou; occassionally a long bow
Tavaryn wears a black tunic cut off at the sleeves. Sleeves and neck are lined with silver. Black pants and red sash at the waist. Boots with knee guards and black wrist guards edged in silver. To top it off, Tavaryn wears a black hat with the brim edges lined in silver. Hair is a soft brown, with faint blonde and green eyes.
Born during the reign of the empire Tavaryn was raised by his mother until she disappeared at his manhood. Master of stealth, he teamed up with Kyle Katarn during his search for Desaan and spent time at the Academy on Yavin IV even helped with the training of Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin, rumor says. He does not claim affiliation with the Jedi yet has remarkable control of the Force with some abilities not easily explained. He met up with his older siblings and the three established a close bond. He joined in the battle on Amshrey and later on Bastion.
After Bastion he spent time doing odd jobs, usually bounty hunting government contacts only and even then he was picky about it. Most times he spent practicing hand to hand and occassionally challenging students at the temple. Reclusive at times, he appears to hard and cold but surprises with insight. Lately he has been roaming the undercity of Coruscant searching for leads to Andiril, Tyrannus and the Blood King while training with Komad and TOnatius.

A lot on my plate but I will take up my characters of the Blood King and Tyrannus. I will not describe them as they are relatively unchanged but it should be noted that even though Viril has special abilities, he is still afraid of the Blood King whose origins are far older. Tyrannus is interested in avenging soiled family honor but willing to have "fun" in the process of doing so. It doesn't help that he continually barbs Andirril with scathing comments.

Andros Kaltas is still Jun-la's apprentice so he will be around. I'll write in his part when needed.

Any other characters mentioned before are minor and will only crop up once in awhile. Hope that helps.

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