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Hi, sorry to bump but I've been having KOTOR 2 problems and I found this thread on Google.

I startup KOTOR 2 and everything's okay at first. The Lucas Arts movie plays, the Obsidian movie plays, the KOTOR 2 screen shows, and then nothing. Where I should be selecting "Load game" and whatnot, there's just a black screen. There is still sound though. A few seconds later and I get a crash error prompting me to send an error report or not.

I believe the error code was 0xc0000005. I've tried fixes and nothing has worked so far.
I've looked almost everywhere, if nobody here can help I think I'm going to have to give up.

Note: My game was working fine the first time I played it. I managed to save and everything (kept backups of my saves) and now it's just not working.

EDIT: I tried updating it and it said "Old file not found" :/
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