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Kaneda walked by the Hokage's mansion to see Naruto speaking with Specter on the roof of the buidling. Recognising the eyes, he quickly glanced back at the Specter next to him.

"Ohh, you gotta be kidding me! Thats why you spent so much time in the bathroom!" a vein throbbed in Kaneda's head. The Specter standing next to him was a clone.

He walked over to Tategami and Takeda. "Can somebody please fill me in?"

"Funny... I seem to recall Karela promising to keep an eye on Specter. Leaving him with you was the worst mistake it seemed..." Tategami beamed. Kaneda grew frustrated.


Tategami chuckled. "I wouldnt say that - I happen to require your assistance for this next mission. Otherwise, what good are you now?"

"...prepare to be proven wrong, old man!" Kaneda cooled down. "When does the mission start?"

"Three days. During that time, you can help me gather some other team mates. As suggested by Takeda..." Tategami looked up at the Specter above. "We might have ourselves another team-mate!"


"No more games! It was hard enough to track you down but at least I knew who you were. Now I have to track down someone I don't even know!"

"I am sorry for your loss. I will help you however I can to track down your family's murderer..."
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