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Dai walked into Shizune's office to recieve his daily duties and was suprised to find that she wasn't there.

Well thats odd...I wonder where she could have gone.

Dai was about to try and sneak out when she popped her head in through the door, making his heart jump into his chest.

" can take the day off...for once. We're full up today and it looks like you could use a break."

"But you told me you were understaffed!"

"Sorry, Yamanaka Ino and uchiha sakura were both able to make it in today. Sorry for screwing up your schedule...again."

"You owe me for this."

"What do I owe you for? I'm giving you the day off!"

Dai's left eye twitched once as he leaned forward. "There are no days off with Lee-sensai...there is only training, training and more training! Working here is some of the only relief I get."

Shizune sighed heavily. "It's really that bad isn't it? Fine...sometime this week I'll try and make time to teach you some new poison techniques."

Dai nodded his head once and turned to leave.

"Oh, before you go, you might want to check in room 458. One of the other chunin checked in today."

"I really don't have the time today perhap-"

"It's a girl."

"What room did you say it was? 458? I'll be right over."

Shizune sighed and shook her head in silent laughter as Dai nearly ran out of the room in his hurry to get to the room in question. That such a pervert
Outside room 458

Dai looked inside the room with dissapointment etched into his face. There was no girl in the room...only a ruffled bed and a computer screen with a diagnostic on the screen.

Wait...what does that say about Inflated cells?

Dai leaned in closer to the screen and examine it closer. Patient's cells are inflated, possibly due to overuse of Bijuu chakra...Condition is life threatning if not treated properly.

Dai raised one eyebrow above the other in suprise. I thought there was only one jinchiruki in the village and that was the it possible that theres a second one?

Dai slowly edged his way out of the room. None of this was his problem for the time being...and he intended to use what little time he had before Lee found him to enjoy himself.

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