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Clone Fighters: the Rise of the Empire - XWA mod release

I've finally completed the first release of the Clone Fighters mod for XWA. This is the release 0.6, about at half of the work i planned.
I've worked on this mod for about an year, on the base of the nice ships models from DTM, General Trageton, Darksaber, Berruga and many other good modders.

The mod is settled in the "End of Clone Wars - Rise of the Empire" period (~19BBY), some weeks before the Battle of Coruscant. This first release contains 6 missions.

What you can find in this mod:
- a new campaign with 6 missions
- about 25+ new starship models (you can fly V-19 and other starcrafts)
- completely new inflight music from the prequel movies soundtracks
- some new backdrops (Naboo, etc.)

What is still in development:
- mission messages recordings
- briefing recordings
- animated briefings
- concourse interface
- up to 8 additional missions
- some other stuffs

I feel that this work is already enjoyable, so i've decided to publish it for the XWA community.
Take this as my tribute to this true masterpiece, X-Wing:Alliance.
You can find it here:

Try it, enjoy it, and give me many, many feedback
Thank you,

Max (Fader)
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