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Originally Posted by Revan's Will View Post
If anyone is having trouble getting to the main menu, i have a bizarre fix that works every time for me- in swkotor2.ini under Game Options, change CurSithLord=0/2, to CurSithLord=3, this makes Kreia show up instead of Nihilus or Sion, and I have no idea why this works, but it does on Xp AND vista. Maybe someone else who knows programming could explain it. FYI: I run on a XPS 410 Vista Home Premium with an Nvidia geforce 9600 gso card with the latest drivers, I had to reformat back to Vista from XP after formatting to XP a few months ago, but the fix worked there too. I don't think Vista is necessarily the source, it looks like its all about the graphics cards for me anyway.
That line wasn't in my .ini file but I added it, and...

Worked! Thank you so much!
I was about to uninstall but now I can actually play. I love you.
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