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Originally Posted by purple_tentacle_ View Post
Thnx. Oh and what are the red paths?
The red lines are available on all three paths.

I started with only red lines (with the Indy map style in mind ) but I figured it would be more userfriendly if I coloured the different paths. And it did help, looked like a mess when everything was still red. :P

thanks for the map, you may also make it a website friendly I guess.

I mean, you may design that map on a page, and we may click on the room pictures to look closer. When I was checking your map, I just wanted to do that, click on images and examine all the rooms
Yeah it's a bit big :3
But like I said, I'm gonna try to make a top down map of it. Though for that I need to figure out how all the rooms are rotated in relation to eachother. My guess right now is that it will look rather circular. I wonder if the developers had any map plan in mind when they made it...
Anyway, with this version, if you save it and view it in photoshop or whatever you can zoom in. It's .jpg so there is some compression, but the rooms are the original resolution. So it's only maybe a little blurred.

Wow, excellent! With your permission I'll put it up on sometime this week!
Sure, wouldn't be much use if I wanted to keep the map to myself. since I know most of the Labyrinth by heart by now. So go ahead :P

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