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Bastila Shan's Jedi Robe Mod

Bastila Shan's Jedi Robe Mod
by Insignia_Entihma

This is my first mod. So be honest with your criticism, and be free to give suggestion on ways to improve this mod. However, after much work I believe it to be complete, or at least at V1.0. For now I have no plans to add anything else to this mod, the two robes it add Bastila Shan's Jedi Robe and Bastila Shan's Dark Jedi Robe are all I had planned. Both, are symmetrical of each other in with the only difference being the power they embody. As you can see below.

The first robe, Bastila Shan's Jedi Robe, provides a +2 Defense Bonus, +2 attack bonus vs Dark side and a +2 Defense Bonus vs Dark side.

The second and more powerful robe, Bastila Shan's Dark Jedi Robe, provides a +4 Defense Bonus, +4 attack bonus vs. Light side and a +4 Defense Bonus vs Light side.

The second came out more powerful as I knew that compared to the first robe, acquired early on in the game, if you where to side with Bastila atop the temple, you would want a more powerful endgame robe for her.

Both robes may only be equipped by Bastila, and share the design of her original clothing.

I have several people to thank, who are covered in the Read Me file, but right now I'd like to thank DarthDac for helping me with the testing of the mod. Without him this thing would never have been released.

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