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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
I have some questions: Will Bastila automatically be wearing her Dark Jedi robe when you encounter her atop the Rakatan temple, and if so, will she also be wearing it when you encounter her again aboard the Star Forge should you opt not to side with her? If not, do you plan on doing this?

There was someone here who did this, and his robes were quite cool (I think it was Shem), but the only problem was that those files caused my game to crash once I tried to leave Lehon for the Star Forge.
When you talk to her atop the temple as soon as dialogue initiates there will be a foot locker behind you containing the robe. I forgot about the Star Forge.. hmmm... Let me check the files, It should be fine though. She will however be wearing her jedi robe when you get her on taris.
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